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Our promise to you, the talent, is that we will treat you with dignity and respect, always, even if we don't end up working together!  We are not a staffing company.  All positions we fill are permanent immediate placement with the restaurant of interest. No deals will be solidified without our, yours and the client's best interest in mind.  

Attitude is number one on the "Must have's" for the talent we represent!  You should be positive, self motivated, a team player, eager to create a phenomenal customer experience, and bring zero drama.

We happily welcome and always have needs for all skill sets and experience levels, from entry level to expert.  If you feel we are a great fit, please email your resume with your desired position in the subject line.  Our clients stretch across the USA, please be sure to include the city you currently reside. 

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The Restaurant Talent Group was created out of fanatical passion and love for the restaurant industry.  Some of the best memories in people's lives are created within the walls of restaurants.  It's not just the great food or the super cool concept, it's the staff that really makes the experience that much more special and we decided that we want to be part of creating that exceptional experience.

We are 100% committed to recruiting solely for the restaurant industry.  We believe in doing business for the right reasons.  We treat everybody with respect and dignity and ensure that the match is great for all parties involved.  We absolutely love being part of both the restaurant and the talent's success story!  

It isn't our very competitive (One of the best in the industry) fees that keeps our client's with us, it's our personalized customer service, genuine care for both the candidate and client, and consistency of doing what we say we will do!

The Restaurant Talent Group does what you as the Owner/Manager/Chef doesn't have time to do and what other recruiters failed to do...and we do it at a rate that is cheaper than having an in-house recruiter on your payroll.  At no upfront cost to you, we learn who you need, what you need, your brand, your culture, your goals, dreams and vision for your restaurant.  You pay only when you hire one of our outstanding candidates.

Not only do we have a huge funnel of top restaurant talent from all over the Country, we will "pound the pavement" until we find the right talent for you!  

Struggling with getting hourly employees?  We have an effective solution for that too! 


Flat Rate Fee Positions: C-Suite; Multi-Unit Manager; Operations Manager; Area Director; Trainer; Unit Manager (GM); Shift Manager; Crew Leader; Kitchen Manager; Executive Chef; Sous Chef; Cook; HR.



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